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Across the Great Ocean

follows a sixteen-year-old girl named Nyla, as she navigates a world scarred by a devastating plague and teetering on the brink of war. Eventually, she learns that if you want to find hope in destruction, sometimes you just have to make it yourself. 

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented heroes —
and that is exactly what Nyla and her ragtag group proves to be.

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BOOK I: Desolation

Official Release on 2.4.24

With nothing to her name except a flimsy wooden bow, Nyla has a choice: cower in the shadows and watch her land fall to darkness or become the light her people need.

Sixteen-year-old Nyla lost her mother, sisters, and only friends to a devastating plague that swept across the world, leaving the already-impoverished southern side of the Suhai Empire in ruins. With the arrival of the northern militia come promises of aid for recovery, but dark whispers of their ulterior motives closely follow.

Just when Nyla thinks she can’t endure any more loss, her father mysteriously vanishes. As her remaining family scrambles to find stability amidst his disappearance, her older brother is revealed to not only be a part of the southern underground resistance but wanted for treason by the militia. Refusing to lose anyone else, Nyla and her two brothers flee to evade execution, and on their desperate journey, they unveil the militia’s dark intentions - and they are far
more sinister than ever imagined.


Our heroes' journey continues as they travel east to the most powerful empire in the world, hoping for aid in the war in the west that spreads further every day.


Book II Piece II - a 16 year old girl and her brother's friend dance under floating lanterns as they drift into the sky, while dancing at a music festival on a warm spring night.
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The final book of the trilogy, where the fate of

our heroes will be determined and their

journey comes to an end.


Tales from 
Across the Great Ocean

A collection of short stories, taken from perspectives of characters that exist beyond the plot of the
Across the Great Ocean trilogy, focuses on life outside of our heroes' journey.


Fall in love with new characters and dive into parts of the world that would otherwise remain unseen.


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Across the Great Ocean's artwork was skillfully crafted by Kayrunesh.

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