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Poetry and Balladry

Songs Sung from the Heart

A Lion in a Field


A lion sits in a field,

Not consumed by thought-

No meaningless worries.

A lion focuses on the now,

Only what it will take

To not perish in the night…


Humans assume superiority,

Yet dark thoughts plague us, day and night.

We worry of things we cannot control,

Wasting our precious energy,

Our hair turning gray…


We overcomplicate life,

We must do this and that…

Each task more meaningless than the last.


A golden sun sets in the sky,

Leaving trails of pink and orange

Speckled with soft white clouds before our eyes.

Yet we turn away, blinded by distractions-

Those of which mean nothing in the grand scheme.

Nevertheless, we allow these thoughts to consume us.


And for what?


We assume roles and complete tasks

That only further us from the Truth,

Never leaving us fulfilled.


Off we go,

Running in circles

While a lion sits

And stretches in a field…


If this way was right,

Would we not feel more complete?

Will it ever be enough?

We must build more, conquer more…

And for what is it all for?

Sprawling Poems

Despite it all,

I truly do not know what it was worth,

As I wait for the last leaf to fall

Back into the warm arms of the earth.


There is nothing quite like the song of the open road

With no boundaries in sight

Each day blossoming with simple delights,

The sweet steam from my coffee

Rising slowly into the swaying pines

And the echoes of our heavy laughter

Drifting away forever after…


The thought of returning home to my old ways,

Stressful nights and smile-less days,

There, too, are beautiful moments

They just need to be uncovered from the dust

And held high into the light-

The same as our colossal sun does everyday

To the grand mountains that speckle our way

Marching the army he led

His troops to an oasis deeply hid

Laying in a valley between waterfalls

A perfect place to spend the night

With water flowing and no enemies in sight

Tonight, he says, they will celebrate life

Deep into dawn, the sharing of wine

Before they march into the evening

In search of more of their kind

Forever on a quest to add more to their tribe.


Drunken songs turned to sullen ones

Reminiscing of the old way of the world

Before life melted under the heat of a thousand suns

And deep into the desert the survivors were hurled

Once there was permanence and comfort

Warm safe places where time passed with loved ones

Now life is too desperate to sit and suffer

And with no reason at all when they finally wake

To continue onto their march from their short little break.

Deep in the night
The lone wolf cries 
He strayed far from home
& his pack remains out of sight

With each  step away
His mind becomes more clear
And comfort replaces the fear
Further into the darkness he strays

No matter where he goes 
His heart knowns but one thing for sure
The wilderness is his only cure
To save him from his one true foe


The sun sets a thousand times,

Never less divine than the last.

Each time its golden rays

Melt against the darkening blue sky,

A gentle yet overwhelming reminder

Erupts of the peace that exists.


Even when it is hidden

In the darkest of crevasses,

We are welcomed with a brief moment of clarity.


There is so much more to all of this

Than what meets the fluttering eye.

Look closer and feel the warmth

As it radiates its pulsing energy.

This is life.

The snow falls into the welcoming arms of the mountain,

Tenderly kissing her tough skin.

The wind gingerly gusts by,

Combing itself through the thick pine trees,

Causing them to sway side to side in a beautiful dance.

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